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Why don't cellulite creams work?
Always read the ingredients and directions on cellulite creams. If you see CAFFEINE or AMINOPHYLLINE in the ingredients put the product down and walk away. If the directions tell you to rub or massage the cream you will be doing the work and not the cream.
Here's Why
Caffeine and Aminophylline are diuretic ingredients designed to take water out of your skin. As soon as you stop using them the water comes back and so does your cellulite. The use of diuretics in skin care is the complete opposite of what we have always known. The skin needs moisture to maintain its healthy look. This is why Dermatologists have always recommended the use of moisturizers on the face from a young age. Why would anyone want to use a product that takes water out of the skin?

Whats wrong with using a product that says rub or massage the cream into the skin? Constant rubbing or massaging of the skin on a daily basis will break down the skins elasticity in this area causing a natural smoothing effect. Short term this sounds great! But long term this can cause sagging in the area and you will end up with saggy cellulite thighs! How do we know this is true? This massaging technique has been used in spas for years only in a more intense form called Endermologie. Endermologie is where a machine that has rollers is guided over the cellulite area along with a suction mechanism. It actually simulates deep tissue massage. The result is a TEMPORARY smoothing of the skin in the cellulite area.
Say No!


"In all cases, CELLUTONE® application has resulted in reduction of subcutaneous fat layers with excellent toning and 'youthenizing' of the skin to which the cream was applied. I feel this cream has tremendous potential." - Dr. S. Pervian

CELLUTONE® works! It completely toned my thighs. There’s no more dimply skin or jiggling. Now my thighs are completely toned.” - C. Hammer

“I have had cellulite since my teenage years and I never thought I would get rid of it. In just 3 weeks I have seen amazing results. I can’t wait for bathing suit season!” - M. Miller
  "Due to the use of CELLUTONE®, the cellulite on my thighs has reduced by more than 70%. I would recommend this cream to anyone suffering from cellulite problems." - S. Gordon

"I have used your
CELLUTONE® cream for 8 weeks and I have seen amazing results. I am 48 years old and have tried many products for cellulite. Its wonderful to finally find a product that actually provides results." - M. Simion, Licensed Esthetician

"After only two weeks using
CELLUTONE®, I can already see results. I have lost a half an inch around each thigh!“ - C. Livas, Teacher

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